Alliant Enterprise Joint Venture (AEJV) GWAC Overview

AEJV is a Small Business under the Alliant SB contract and the contracting agency will receive the small business credit.

Contract Number


Contract Period

February 3, 2009 to February 02, 2014 with one five-year option period: February 03, 2014 to February 02, 2019

Task Order Types

Multiple Awards, IDIQ



AEJV Cage Code


Team Members

AEJV is comprised of the following AEJV members, each with robust experience providing IT solutions to the Federal Government:

Through the joining of these firms, AEJV commits significant resources to meet the challenges of multiple, concurrent GSA task orders while supporting Federal Agency small business requirements. AEJV resources include a staff of over 1,000 who have achieved several professional certifications in the fields of IT systems engineering, security, testing, software development, and project management disciplines.

Program Description

GSA Alliant Small Business is regarded as the next generation Government Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) for GSA. It is designed to provide the greatest amount of flexibility possible to efficiently and effectively support the Federal Government's needs in its daily operations, its protection of infrastructure, the fight against terrorism and the development and marketing of emerging technologies. GSA Alliant Small Business's comprehensive scope includes, but is not limited to:

C.3.1 Infrastructure
C.3.1.1 Service Access and Delivery
C.3.1.2 Service Platform and Infrastructure
C.3.1.3 Component Framework
C.3.1.4 Service Interface and Integration
C.3.2 Application Services
C.3.2.1 Customer Services
C.3.2.2 Process Automation
C.3.2.3 Business Management
C.3.2.4 Digital Asset Services
C.3.2.5 Business Analytical Services
C.3.2.6 Back Office Services
C.3.2.7 Support Services
C.3.2.8 DoDEA Mission Area Support
C.3.3 IT Management Services
C.3.3.1 Controls and Oversight
C.3.3.2 Risk Management and Mitigation
C.3.3.3 Regulatory Development
C.3.3.4 Planning and Resource Allocation
C.3.3.5 IT Security
C.3.3.6 System and Network Controls
C.3.4 Ancillary Support
C.3.4.1 Telecommunications/Wireless

Prompt Payment Terms: AEJV chooses to offer our customers our most aggressive pricing (all discounts factored in) upfront to provide consistency between task estimates to incurred costs.

Payment Terms: Net 30 Days

Points of Contact

Achuta K. Rayaprolu